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Meet the Masterminds Behind the Magic: Our Founders


Welcome to the not-so-secret lair of the trio who are redefining the tech game one innovation at a time. Meet Alex Alben, Rob Yates, and Ted Alben - a powerhouse team that’s part genius, part visionary, and entirely unconventional. They're the kind of people who think outside the box, and then turn the box into a smart device just for fun.


GetSmart Software stands out in the crowded tech landscape for several reasons, making it not just another software company but a genuinely cool and innovative player in the industry. Here's what sets GetSmart Software apart:


Together, Alex, Rob, and Ted are more than just founders - they’re the heart and soul of our company, leading the charge in innovation with a dash of wit, a sprinkle of creativity, and a whole lot of experience. They’re not just building technology; they’re crafting the future, one laugh, one line of code, and one big idea at a time. And trust us, you’ll want to stick around for what comes next - it’s going to be epic.

Founding Partners


Alex Alben
The Storyteller with a Digital Shield

Ted Alben
The Wizard of Wits and Widgets

Rob Yates
The Startup Whisperer

Alex isn’t just any novelist; he's a master of narratives with the unique ability to project the human spirit into the digital realm. As a law professor, he's not just teaching the rules of the game; he's shaping the minds that will define the future of digital law.

Alex’s connection to Seattle’s tech scene is legendary, not because he codes, but because he knows everyone who does—and more importantly, how to ensure they respect your digital rights and privacy. With Alex, it’s not about the algorithms or the coding languages; it’s about weaving a secure tapestry where technology meets humanity with respect, care, and a keen eye for the rights of the individual.

Rob is the kind of guy who sees a startup and whispers, "Eureka," but in a way that actually leads to groundbreaking ideas and not just fancy bathtubs. With years of wrangling information management and app development for Fortune 500 companies, Rob’s the man with a plan - several plans, actually, all meticulously organized in a color-coded scheme only he understands. His secret sauce? A blend of expertise, experience, and a sprinkle of startup magic that can turn even the most ordinary idea into something extraordinary. Rob’s the go-to for making things happen, and he does it all with the kind of charm that would make even the grumpiest CFO smile.

Ted is what you get when you cross a tech guru with a comedy writer - a laugh a minute and a gadget an hour. With a resume that reads like a "who’s who" of IoT, innovation, and technology, Ted’s the creative and technical force behind our most out-there ideas. And when he’s not busy inventing the next big thing or making sure our tech is top-notch, he’s writing for television, spanning comedies, dramas, and cartoons. Ted’s the guy who can make you laugh while explaining quantum computing, and his side hustle in writing is no joke - it’s what keeps our creative juices flowing and our projects fun.

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