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Build your cyber defense culture and protect your organization from the costly impacts of cyber attacks.

Connect with us as to start building a cyber defense culture that is proactive, adaptive, and people-powered. Let's work together to safeguard your organization and ensure that you are well-equipped to tackle the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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“GetSmart are the guys to go to for anti-ransomware and security incident prevention in a rapidly-changing environment.  They provide in-person advice and training that makes the difference.”   CEO, Entity Academy 

Cybersecurity defense could be your best investment this year.

At GetSmart Cyber Defense, we understand that ransomware is a global problem that poses an evolving threat to organizations. That's why we have developed a proactive methodology that can help your organization lower insurance costs, mitigate risk, and achieve security compliance.

Unlike other solutions on the market that offer expensive and temporary "one time" fixes, our platform offers a more holistic approach. When you sign up with us, we will engage you in a comprehensive process that includes a workshop to identify your existing resources and potential coverage gaps. This allows us to tailor our solution to your organization's unique needs and requirements.

Our licensing fee is scaled to the number of "seats" you need to create access to our matrix, making it flexible and cost-effective. You can choose to license our platform on a monthly or discounted annual basis, depending on your organization's preferences. In addition, our consulting services provide additional support that is customized to match your organization's specific requirements.

With GetSmart Cyber Defense, you can trust that you're getting a proactive and comprehensive solution to ransomware, designed to help you lower insurance costs, mitigate risk, and achieve security compliance. Partner with us to safeguard your organization against ransomware threats with our holistic approach and flexible licensing options.


Download a PDF About Get Smart People-Powered Cyber Defense.

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