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Building Your Cyber Resilient Organization.


GetSmart brings people and technology together to create a cyber defense culture that is customized for you. 

Technology alone won't deliver effective and lasting cyber security. Driven by executive leadership, your company needs to organize its staff and resources to combat evolving threats and meet security standards.

Today's businesses, small and large, are vulnerable to costly ransomware threats. GetSmart puts your organization ahead of hackers, ensuring that you anticipate attacks, back up data, and prepare a comprehensive response plan across your organization. Cyber security requires more than an IT-isolated approach, it demands a method that includes an organization-wide solution that is driven by creating a people-powered cyber defense culture.


At GetSmart we understand that people matter.

GetSmart's platform was designed by industry experts in privacy and cyber security to empower your business, establish accountability and enlist every department in the task of meeting cyber threats.  Our unique platform provides an "adaptive strategy" that will work for you.

GetSmart provides an affordable and long-term approach going beyond an expensive "one time, software fix."

“Humans, rather than technology represent the greatest risk to an organization. Security awareness programs & culture are key in managing human risk.”

Alan Paller, SANS founder and former Director U.S. Dept of Homeland Security 

Why GetSmart works for our clients

Our platform is designed to put your organization ahead of hackers with a response plan that works with your existing software and IT infrastructure.


Adaptive strategy platform

Confront today's cyber threats with a people-powered adaptive strategy platform, designed to be proactive against attacks.


A cyber defense 

Create a cyber defense culture to prepare, defend, and respond to cyber threats. Identify risks and   create a plan against cyber threats.


Security & privacy compliance

Our security and privacy experts provide assessments to keep your organization compliant and up-to-date with new laws. 

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