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Introducing GetSmart’s Adaptive Strategy Platform

Our platform will enable your organization to quickly get up to speed to anticipate and defend against ransomware threats.  We help you complete a matrix customized to suit your organizational needs, assigning key teams at the executive, legal support, HR, IT and communications levels.  The matrix provides the ability to track readiness in real time and to update tasks assigned to your teams.  There's no other adaptive tool like it on the market!

We offer a proprietary solution for ransomware and data breach defense

GetSmart's platform methodology defines and aligns goals, objectives, and priorities to unify your business under unpredictable conditions. Cyber attacks continue to evolve with new technology, creating chaos and uncertainty. 

Our templates, guides, policies and procedures are designed to create a proactive solution to beat the hackers at their own game. Ransomware is not going away.  Firms that use an adaptive strategy will save money and outperform their peers over time.  Is your company informed and prepared?

We offer access to the platform on a monthly and quarterly subscription model.  You decide the number of people in your organization that need platform access.  Pricing includes onboarding and a private workshop that ensures you get up and running with our service.  We also offer consulting services for special privacy and security needs.

Only GetSmart's platform provides proprietary elements, initiatives, and tasks that target the full attack cycle.  Isn't it time to take action and move your company to the next level of cyber defense?

Proprietary solution for ransomware and data breach defense


Understand ransomware prevention needs for your organization then create a customized dynamic profile on our proprietary platform 


 Onboard designated personnel on the platform across your organization


Tasks and initiatives are created and customized based on your goals and resources


Track and measure results by gaining insights from reports that help create transparency across your organization

Benefits of GetSmart's Adaptive Strategy Platform

• Free-up IT to fix IT issues (60% of ransomware remediation is outside of IT)

• Ensures legal compliance with state and national laws

• Regain control in a hostile security environment

• Manage and track actual losses and impact in real time

• Illustrate and provide objectives and key results (OKR)

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