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Leverage GetSmart Cyber Defense experts to build your cyber resilient organization.

Our leadership team draws on cyber security, privacy compliance and change management. Working together, we designed our proprietary platform that enables you to prepare, defend, and respond against cyber threats. We'll work personally with you to ensure that our Adaptive Strategy model utilizes the pro-active tool set that you need to operate in the current environment, characterized by hackers, data breach and ransomware.

Meet the team.


Alex Alben
Privacy & Compliance

Ted Alben
People & Security Technology

Rob Yates
Business Effectiveness & Culture

My focus for over twenty years has been working to protect data, both in government and the private sector. Dealing with data breach events taught me about the importance of having plans in place to deal with both outside threats and internal leaks.


I co-founded GetSmart Software to bring new products to market that will help companies solve critical regulatory problems. Our latest project is GetSmart's Adaptive Strategy Platform, which adapts to a company's priorities and needs, creating a powerful tool for both cyber response and compliance.


For our clients, I bring my experience of serving as the first Chief Privacy Officer for the State of Washington, where I coordinated legislative initiatives and internal governance relating to data and technology policy. I try to give our clients this "insider perspective" on how governments look at regulation.


In the private sector, I worked for both Starwave Corporation and RealNetworks, Inc. These leading Internet companies pioneered audio and video technology for the Internet, and created popular destinations such as and


I received an A.B. with distinction from Stanford University and my J.D. from Stanford Law School. I frequently write about privacy and Internet law issues for the Seattle Times, L.A. Times.


I'm also the author of “Analog Days:  How Technology Rewrote Our Future” and currently teach Privacy and Internet Law at the UCLA School of Law.

My passion is to lead continuous improvement approaches and drive innovative transformations enabling teams to achieve outcomes that deliver exceptional gains. Gone are the days when cybersecurity, privacy and data governance could be "just" a parallel workstream. Cyber considerations are now embedded in everything we do as adversaries have developed predatorial supply chains that exploit human weaknesses. 


I co-founded GetSmart after working on ransomware projects where the threats rapidly morphed and static plans and traditional organizational effectiveness programs were not agile enough. Like many transformational projects we found that personal behaviors are paramount in reducing cyber risks. These factors led us to develop a new approach which is found in the GetSmart Adaptive Strategy Platform.


I bring my experience designing and deploying enterprise software across business processes in all industries. My roles have included supporting Private Equity portfolios where Boards and executives led transformative initiatives with outsized EBITA growth outcomes despite active and aggressive cyber threats.


Throughout my career I have learned best practices from leaders like Accenture, SAP & Hewlett-Packard. This has been complimented with half-a-dozen high-growth innovative Silicon Valley start-ups, which now combines the cumulative experience necessary to drive people-powered cyber defense.

My job is to protect the people, places, and things that matter.  Going head-to-head with the hackers and winning feels great, but the truth is we’re only winning some of the time.  As a CISO, I've been challenged to understand why the standard tools are consistently failing. 

I co-founded GetSmart Software to reduce vulnerabilities and exploits.  Data shows that 85% of attacks are people related.  We continue to invest heavily in cyber-resilient tools and systems but overlook those people-related risks.

My experience has taught me Cyber security is an evolving, ongoing process and a balancing act of people and technology.   That balance is a cyber security culture.

Until now, the tool to create that culture did not exist.  We built the adaptive strategy platform for organizations to achieve resiliency and strength - in the same manner firewalls harden the perimeter.

I'm a global Cybersecurity Specialist for both logical and physical security. Some career highlights include the 2008 Olympic Games, securing five of the top ten air and sea ports in the US, additional initiatives for anti-crime, anti-terrorism and emergency operations center design. 


In the private sector I have aided our top motion picture studios and automotive manufacturers. I also have decades of government service for US DHS, critical infrastructure, and security in EMEA, Asia-Pac, EU/UK, plus hundreds of businesses, universities, hospitals, and enterprise clientele domestically.  

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How we work with you to create a cyber defense culture.


Consulting and planning sessions identify your cross-organization teams to build a cyber security culture and define compliance needs


Our workshops and training will build a cyber defense culture which enables teams to collaborate and coordinate cyber defense efforts


Our adaptive strategy platform is a cloud-based tool for teams which provides a cross-organization roadmap and action plan for defense methods and strategies



Track results in real-time knowing that your teams

are informed and empowered, and your organization is in compliance with current laws

“GetSmart are the guys to go to for anti-ransomware and security incident prevention in a rapidly-changing environment.  They provide in-person advice and training that makes the difference.”   CEO, Entity Academy 

Security and privacy consulting services.

At GetSmart Cyber Defense, we understand that security and privacy regulation is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes. Compliance is not only a legal requirement but also good business practice.

That's why we offer comprehensive consulting services to help organizations implement best practices related to data governance and other privacy needs. Our solutions are designed to limit an organization's risk profile in terms of data breaches or non-compliance with new state laws.

As privacy laws converge on basic principles, such as access to personal data, the ability to update or correct personal data, the ability to opt-out of sales of data, and, in some cases, deletion of data, our team can guide you compliance with privacy laws.


Trust in our expertise to help you safeguard your organization's sensitive data and protect your business reputation. 

GetSmart Consulting
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